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3 Types of Marketing goals

We continuously talk about life goals, business goals, and so on. But, did you know that there are also marketing goals?

Marketing goals outline specific goals you need to achieve on the marketing side of your business to reach your overall business mission.

A business has three types of marketing goals.

1. Gain new customers

The objective is to get a person to make their first purchase from you. To do this, you need people to tell others about you. You need to get the message to them about your offering and its benefits.

If you can spread awareness of the unique value you offer, this will result in more first-time purchases. Your tactics should include everything from gaining more exposure to moving customers through your sales funnel toward that first purchase.

2. Keep current customers

Your purpose may be to maintain the same purchase amount and frequency. If this objective is met, you’ll gain revenue as you gain new customers.

To achieve this goal, you might encourage increased use of your products or develop new product lines that current customers can use.

3. Get customers to buy more

The tactics are like the last type (keeping customers buying) but the objective would be to increase purchase amount and frequency.

Marketing goals are set the same way as your other goals and you achieve them one at a time.

✨Don’t forget to keep them simple, focused, and clear!✨

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How to reach your target market

Reaching your target market is an essential part of attracting clients. Cost-effective and free ways to find and reach your target market are available. First, determine your goals and then use the following tactics to find them:

  • Referrals are the heart of your business – build a list of referrals by asking your current clients for people who they think might use your products or services. Offer them an incentive as a reward. Happy clients will be more than willing to refer you!
  • Attend networking events – as you strike a conversation, get to know prospects and their businesses, and determine whether you want to investigate further or politely move on to the next prospect. Have a goal when attending these events, such as, talk to at least five people within your potential market. Make sure to send a “Nice to meet you” note within 24 hours of meeting them, while you are fresh on their minds.
  • Find your niche and ideal client – knowing what you offer and who would benefit from your products or services is crucial to obtaining clients. This will help you identify your target market and allow you to decide where to find your ideal client.
  • Write articles and publish newsletters – another way to market yourself and advertise your expertise. Share your blog, create a newsletter, or send a press release to magazines and other publications. Content is king.
  • Make yourself known – develop a message that conveys to your target market exactly what you’re going to offer. For instance, create or revamp your 30-second elevator pitch to include who you are, what you do, what problems are you solving, how they would benefit, and how you would solve their problem. Be ready to deliver your message as you attend networking events!

Meeting the challenges of targeting your market and selling your products or services, requires an ongoing combination of a variety of efforts. Even when your business becomes busy and successful, it is important to preserve a marketing focus so that these vital activities do not go unnoticed in the rush of day-to-day obligations.

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