Mindset. Goal. Action.

What they say

What they say!

"Ingrid helped me get clarity on my offer, target audience, and services so I can better connect with my ideal client. Her questions helped me think about various ways to strategize a plan of action. I can’t wait to finalize my packages and refine my target market which will help me achieve my goals.

~ Hazel June
Online Course Coach

"Speaking with Ingrid really helped me get clear on how to break down a large goal into small achievable actions so that I can move forward consistently! She also explained the concept of accountability in a way that excites me instead of making it feel like a chore, and I’m ready to explore that possibility. I now have actions to help me achieve my goals of starting my business. I can't wait to do get started on planning my business focusing on the big picture which Ingrid recommended, and I know will make a difference." 

~ Megan Sorensen
Life Coach

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