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Business Coaching for Women

Did you know that the top three most common struggles of a business owner are becoming more efficient, getting clients, and generating income?

Business Coach



I help professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals who want to strategize their businesses by identifying goals, finding a target market, and creating a plan to become more visible and improve their Spanish communication skills to attract more clients while balancing their lifestyles.

Business Coaching | Spanish for Business

Business Coaching

Private Coaching

You need support and resources from someone who will help you reach your goal.

You are just starting and are not certain of all the pieces it takes to start and run a profitable business.

You are tired of going around in circles without results and want a solid action plan.

Business Bootcamp

Start-Up Foundation

You are looking to start your business but are unsure where or how to start.

You want clarity, guidance, and accountability to build a strong foundation for a profitable business.

You are tired of trying to do it all and getting little or no results.

Business Bootcamp

Growth Marketing

You need to create a system that will help you prepare a plan to move ahead.

You need tools, creativity, and ways to increase your income based on your business target market.

You are ready to take your business to the next level and be in front of the right market.

Language Coaching

Spanish For Business

You want to improve your Spanish communication and speaking skills.

You have Spanish-speaking clients and want to understand and communicate with them.

You want to learn a new language to expand your career and client base.

Strategy Call with a Business Coach

If you’ve ever felt like there’s never enough time to market your side business, I understand; I’ve been there. I had many ideas and a to-do list when I started my business. But life got busy with work, graduate school, kids, and unexpected events. At that point, I realized it was time to create a plan that revolved around my busy lifestyle. 


“Before Ingrid’s strategy call, I was seeking new ways to enhance the experience within the Facebook community I created as a part of my business. When I spoke to Ingrid, I gained some amazing and helpful new ideas as well as a new perspective that can only benefit the community and I can’t wait to implement the ideas. My advice to you if you are thinking of holding a strategy call with Ingrid is to do it!  

Ingrid is an amazing, thoughtful woman and entrepreneur. She is easy to talk to and her wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable!”

~ Crystal Barrow
Shape Your Success Coaching 

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